Negative Yelp Reviews

Leveling the Yelp Playing Field

A high rating in Yelp is a guarantee of success in the modern era of commerce. Even if you offer inferior a product, you can have a higher market share than your competitors. All that matters is one brutal truth: you don’t need to have a high Yelp rating, you just need one that is higher than your competitors.

We don’t pretend to be social media gurus. We aren’t the people you hire if you want facebook likes or Instagram engagement. We are not Yaaaasssss people. We don’t YOLO. We are not #blessed.


Beat Yelp At All Costs

We are very opposite. We are the bare-knuckled, destroy your enemy, and eat their children type of PR firm. We don’t want to feel your feelings. We want to burn down your enemies and serve them to you on a silver platter we made from melting down the dental fillings we wrenched out of the putrid mouths of their ancestors.

Destroy your competitors. Gain the advantage. Use Yelp’s algorithm to catapult your business into the stratosphere.

This is what we can do for you: we will destroy your competitor’s Yelp rating. We will visit their facilities, we will take pictures, we will have a terrible time. We will write about our horrible, terrible experiences. We have over 50 operatives in Philadelphia. Most are long-time Yelp users. A few are Elites.  Let’s be honest, every PR firm does this. We just own accept who we are.  And we’re really good at being evil.


Can’t I Just Buy Positive Yelp Reviews?

Yelp is very good at detecting false positive reviews.  Over 65% of fake reviews caught by the Yelp algorithm have one thing in common: they are highly positive reviews, most likely written by someone associated with the company in question.

Even knowing how Yelp’s algorithm works doesn’t mean you will succeed in planting fake positive reviews: Yelp is biased towards negative reviews. Multiple studies have shown this effect, and it is believed to be part of Yelp’s business plan.  As business ratings are lowered over time, they will more likely advertise on the Yelp platform.

Case in point: it is increasingly difficult to have a negative review pulled from Yelp.  Yet it is pretty simple to get a positive one taken down if you know what you are doing.  Negative reviews from brand new accounts will likely stick, yet positive reviews from similar accounts won’t.

Bottom line: buying positive Yelp reviews doesn’t work anymore.

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