Our Services

We protect good people from the worst of the worst. We expose villains –online and off– to their family, employers, and landlords. 

You have spent your career making a name for yourself. You don’t mind valid constructive criticism. If you are successful, you will quickly discover the small online cohort we call “The Lousy”. They live to wreck havoc on your life with nasty techniques to deprive you of your well-being. They are predators and criminals.  We’re here to help you. 

Our services are two-fold. We identify the people attacking you or your company. We then place them on our internal watch list, and they become lifetime members of The Lousy! For ever after, we track them as they move, get married, and change jobs. The most important feature of our service is what we do with the information.

We use the Lousy List to insure that employers, schools, and landlords are notified whenever they come in contact with someone the Lousy List. Our critics claim that we are cruel to deny predators and trolls the keys to a better life. We think in a world that doesn’t protect victims, this is a fair an balanced approach. 

We are a dedicated international team committed to justice, both online and off. Our people include lawyers, hackers, and law enforcement officials.  

We are not a government agency. We are 100% financed by people just like you and small businesses. If you support what we do, then we ask you financially support us. Even a $5 contribution will go a long way.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone was decent and nice. These days, it’s easy to identify psycopaths. 

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